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Smart Horizon in medical equipment, laboratories, food and pharmaceutical companies
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Medical equipment import consultancy

Importing medical, laboratory, food and pharmaceutical equipment in each country

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Supply of medical goods and construction parts

Supplying raw materials for the manufacture of medical, laboratory, food and pharmaceutical equipment in each Country

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Design and construction of a production line

Designing and constructing a production line as well as providing technical knowledge of medical, laboratory, food and drug equipment in each country

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Provide technical knowledge of the product

Providing technical knowledge of medical and laboratory equipment, food and pharmaceutical products

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Production consulting

Consulting for the production of medical, laboratory, food and pharmaceutical products

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Application for registration and clearance

Clearance of medical, laboratory, food and pharmaceutical products

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Representation of foreign companies

Representation of medical and laboratory equipment, food and pharmaceutical products

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Business Plan-FS-Action Plan

Writing and analyzing product line launches

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our company's experts will start your production line with the best quality by communicating with experts and medical equipment suppliers in the world!
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Possessing specialized and international technical knowledge about medical, laboratory, food and pharmaceutical equipment is one of the pride of our company experts!
Experts who carry out your business with the latest and complete global technical knowledge
Study ideas and methods in the most specialized programs in the world
As you know, today you cannot live in the world of technology using the possibilities!
We analyze and implement the ideas, advantages, disadvantages and other services desired by customers using specialized and accurate software.
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Official Merck representative
Merck (German: Merck KGaA) is a German multinational chemical, pharmaceutical and electronics company. The company's head office is in Darmstadt and it also operates under the name EMD Chemicals in North America. Merck acquired Sigma-Aldrich in 2015
Charlotte's official representative
This company is a Spanish chemical manufacturing company whose main factory is located in Barcelona.
This company started its activity in 1949.
This company, which produces its products in 8 countries, has nearly 200 employees, and distributes and sells its products to more than 100 countries with the same capacity.
The official representative of Sigma
Sigma-Aldrich (English: Sigma-Aldrich) is an American active life sciences company with more than 9,600 employees. This company operates in 40 countries and most of its products are used in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology
Medronik official representative
Medtronic (in English: Medtronic) is an American medical equipment company that develops and manufactures devices for the treatment of heart failure, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, morbid obesity and chronic pain, as well as insulin pumps, chewing gum and Down syndrome.
Fresenius official representative
Fresenius (German: Fresenius) is a German medical equipment company, headquartered in Bad Hamburg-Fur in Hohe, Germany.
Fresenius Group provides dialysis services to hospitals and clinics all over the world.
The official representative of the General Company for Electronics
GE Healthcare (in English: GE Healthcare) is an American medical equipment, treatment and medical engineering company, which is engaged in the production of computed tomography machines, X-ray machines, MRI machines, mammography and ultrasound, patient monitoring systems, radiology and operating equipment X-rays, EKGs, single-photon tomography systems, and medical monitors.
Representation reaquest
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Any product from any company and in any country you want we will represent you
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We, Al-Afaq Al-Zaki International Trading Company, are always looking for solutions to the problems of production and supply of raw materials for the production of medical, laboratory and other equipment, in the shortest possible time and with the best quality!
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